Shocks Over Hugs

Not sure what sort of liability risk might ship along with this social distancing zapper (you’re not hurting anybody with four and a half volts but you just know some freedom loving dickhead will try to sue you anyway), but I still feel like it would be a good use for $10.

Some people don’t seem to understand what two metres looks like. Some people need to be shown with markings on the floor. Some people just need to be lightly electrocuted.

If your forehead aches from glaring angrily from behind your face mask – you need the Social Distancing Zapper!

This pocket telescopic tool extends to six feet (including your arm) and administers a cheeky 4.5 volt zap to any moron foolish enough to venture into your personal space.

No need to get into a pointless debate about COVID-19 with a total stranger – just ZAP!

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      1. So apparently there’s some video that goes “No no, don’t touch me there, this is, my no no square” or something. Apparently it’s referring to the six-foot physical distancing bubble, but you’re right. That’s not what it sounds like.

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