You Win Some, You Lose Some

Here’s something to think about.

If you drown while running from the police, should your escape attempt be considered a success or a failure?

On one hand they did catch you, especially if they were the ones who pulled you out of the water. But on the other, your aim is clearly to avoid going to jail, and you have absolutely done that.

Perhaps it’s a wash.

And with that insensitive pun out of the way, I shall get up from this computer and go put away the laundry. Wait, make that the wash.

A Ludington man headbutted and shattered a car window before jumping into a bayou while fleeing police after he allegedly assaulted his ex-wife and son, according to a Mason County Press report.
Jeremy Wayne Lindstrom, 44, of Ludington, drowned after jumping into the bayou, police said. A deputy jumped in and brought him back to shore, but Lindstrom was pronounced dead by apparent drowning at a hospital after CPR failed, according to the report. The deputy was uninjured. The water was around 57 degrees.

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