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Does anybody else think it’s funny that Waterloo Region put one of its COVID vaccination clinics in an old RONA store?

KITCHENER — A COVID-19 vaccination clinic is set to open at the former RONA building on Pinebush Road in Cambridge on Monday.
The building will serve as a new mass vaccination site with up to 40 immunization stations.
Grand River Hospital will run the clinic in partnership with Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

We know a few people who have either gotten their first shots or have appointments to get them soon. It’s going to be a while before my turn comes around, but it’s nice to see it actually happening. Who knows when life will be normal again, but this can only help.

Speaking of my turn, I really wish that every level of government would stop over-promising and talking in absolutes when they speak about timelines. You can’t do that, because none of you has any idea how things are going to go. What happens on paper isn’t always what happens in reality. We’ve already been through this once, but nobody seems to have learned anything from it. I know you’re trying to give people hope, but the fact that people are getting needles should be hope enough. Saying that it’ll be done by such and such a date and then having to walk it back isn’t hopeful. It’s off pissing. Quit it.

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  1. Maybe I’m completely retarded, but I don’t get the joke. Please explain for those of us who are new to the world.

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