The Blue Jays Are World Series Champions!

Game six again!

Another radio call I didn’t hear at the time because I was watching it on TV with the family. The only bit I remember is Tom Cheek saying “The Blue Jays are World Series champions!”. That line was played over and over again after the fact. Not as often as the legendary “Touch ’em all, Joe” from a year later, but still quite a bit. The American TV line that went something like for the first time in history, the championship banner will fly north of the border has gotten most of the replay love even in Canada, but in fairness, it was a better call.

But though that one bit may have been more memorable, the radio commentary as a whole is super as usual. I had somehow forgotten just how terribly the bottom of the 11th inning started out for the Jays, but listening to it really took me back. It almost took me back far enough that I was surprised and relieved that they hung on and won. Breathe Steve, breathe.

For a little bonus nostalgic radio fun, there are a few commercials left in the recording. RE/MAX, Absorbine cream, National Trust and Benjamin Moore paint all make appearances.

Like the other recent Jays audio, this one comes from Toronto Mike and whatever Fan 1430 archive he’s stumbled upon. I hope there’s more to come.

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