You Sure Minimized The Crap Out Of That Travel, All Right

Dammit Rogers, you shitheads. You almost had me sympathizing with you for a second there. That stuff about minimizing travel in the name of safety this baseball season, I got it. I didn’t fully trust or believe you, but I did understand. But when it comes to minimizing, you sure went above and beyond, you cheap ass turds.

My definition of minimizing was it’s not ideal, but perhaps we should only have one broadcast crew traveling around the country this year, just in case. Yours, on the other hand, turned out to be hell with it, nobody travels. Shulman, you’re calling all the games out of the studio in Toronto. Buck, you’re calling the road games from your house and we’ll let you go to the Florida home games because you live there anyway.

Seriously, fuck right off. There are more than enough studios for a radio crew and a TV crew to both call the games if that’s what you feel you need to do. You did it last year, for shit’s sake. But I guess you had to come up with something once you fired your best announcer out of nowhere for reasons nobody understands assuming they go beyond cost savings.

Such, such bullshit. Not sure why I even half way expected anything else.

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