Did Somebody Say McBlenderFace?

Tempting as it might be, you probably shouldn’t throw a blender at a complaining customer, even if she may have started it by tossing a wrong order back at you. She also shouldn’t have had to wait nearly a half hour for a corrected one before things got heated, but none of this is an excuse for anything else that happened here.

Britany Price went through the fast-food chain’s drive-thru in Colerain Township on Sept 22, WLWT reports. However, when she received her order – cheeseburgers and Happy Meals – it was incorrect.

According to surveillance footage, Price is seen going into the store for assistance and waiting nearly 25 minutes to be helped. Eventually, Price goes to her car to get the food and demand a refund.
The situation escalated when Price came back into the store with the food, which she began throwing at the manager.

The manager retaliated and threw a blender from behind the counter. The blender struck Price’s face and knocked her to the ground. In the footage, Price is seen struggling to get up after the blow.
“I wanted to get some Happy Meals and some cheeseburgers and that was a very unhappy day for me,” Price said to WLWT.

And there may be plenty more unhappy days to come, as there looks to be surgery to repair a shattered cheekbone and broken nose on the horizon.

The restaurant’s manager is no longer the restaurant’s manager, the restaurant confirmed in a statement which should come as no surprise to anyone, including our freshly unemployed friend.

No charges had been filed in connection with the incident, but a civil suit has.

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