Gotta Go. Bone’s Dead

Never lie to your doctor. If you’ve somehow managed to lose a phone cable up your dong, just say so. Any embarrassment you may suffer will almost certainly pale in comparison to the week of unnecessary pain you’ll go through while they try to figure out why they can’t find the headphones you said you swallowed.

Doctors have removed a phone charger from an Indian man’s bladder after he inserted it into his penis.
Speaking to CNN, Guwahati-based general surgeon Dr. Walliul Islam said the man initially came to his hospital claiming that he had swallowed his headphones.
After five days of using laxatives to no avail, the doctors performed an endoscopy but were still unable to locate the headphones. However, the patient continued to complain about stomach pain, prompting the doctors to perform surgery.

It was only during an X-ray that doctors discovered the real problem: a two-foot-long (about 0.61m) mobile phone cable lodged in his bladder. To get there, Islam says the cable was inserted via the urethra, the tube that leads from the penis to the bladder.

You can see some photos in this Facebook post from one of the surgeons on the case if that’s a thing you would like to do.

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