I’m Still Alive!

So it’s been two weeks since I got my first COVID vaccine, and so far, so good. The worst thing I can say about it is my arm was super tender for one night and I kept waking myself up by bumping it when I moved in my sleep. I didn’t have to take a single day off, I didn’t have any of those chills or fever or headaches or anything else. The only two weird things that happened were the day after, I had some urgent bathroom trips, and that night when I fell asleep watching TV, I was convinced that the whole world was vibrating, myself included. But really, there are other reasons for each of those things, so who knows? Now that it’s been two weeks, I should have all the vaccine’s benefits and none of the scary side-effects. I know this is only the first shot, but even one shot is a heck of a lot better than none.

My mom and dad and some aunts and uncles have all gotten their first vaccine, and all seem to be feeling well, so that’s also good. My mom really really wants the rest of us to find a way to get our vaccines as soon as possible. I’ve never seen someone so happy that our neighbourhood had been designated a COVID hotspot. “Maybe Steve will get his vaccine sooner!” I’ve also never seen someone so disappointed that he didn’t fit into a priority group. “Craaaap! He doesn’t have a high enough BMI! He’s not even close!” I know what her intentions are, it’s just bizarre. It feels like I’ve entered an evil parallel universe where being vulnerable is some sort of gift.

So now I wait until July 25 to get the other shot, but at least I think I will know what to expect. I hope everyone else has an equally good experience.

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  1. It’s not every day I get accused of being too young and healthy for something, hahaha. I’m not even offended. It’s more funny than it is anything else, and I know it comes from a good place. Plus she’s doing it to everybody so it’s not as though I’m being singled out. But yeah, that parallel universe feeling is real. Watching people be bummed that they or someone they know is too healthy for early medicine is odd. Even I joke with some of the people who ask me when I’m getting mine that I’m not lucky enough to have a screwed up immune system like Carin does.

    I’m glad you’ve had such an easy time with it. I was worried that if anyone would have trouble, it was going to be you. If you wonder why, go read that captain story again. Weird stuff likes happening to you. 😊

    So far, most of the people I know who have had theirs have been fine. I can think of 2 who didn’t feel so hot, and they were back to normal fairly quickly.

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