Down, Boy!

Even though I am one, I often have a really hard time understanding dudes. Seriously, if you don’t have some sort of mental illness, why would you ever think a stranger would react positively to this? It’s even worse because the lady’s daughter was right there, but it’s not as though you would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for the meddling kid. When, outside of a late night movie, has this kind of shit ever worked?

The alleged victim, identified as “E.J.” in the complaint, was seated between Cholewinski-Boy and her daughter. Shortly after takeoff, he began touching the woman’s arm and she repeatedly pushed his hands away, according to the complaint.
Cholewinski-Boy then “forcibly grabbed her by the crotch,” the complaint said. The woman again pushed his hand away and demanded that he stop.
“Cholewinski-Boy threw up his hands and said ‘sorry,’” according to the complaint.
The woman notified the flight crew, who moved mother and daughter to another part of the aircraft.

The plane landed in Oklahoma instead of its scheduled Utah, and Cholewinski-Boy was arrested twice. First by the airport police for public intoxication, and then by the big boy police for abusive sexual contact. He was later released on his own recognizance, unfortunately.

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