We Won’t Be Counted Among The Jailed Population! Woo!

Well, it’s time to do the census again, and we did it last weekend. We probably would have done it relatively quickly, but my friend told me it was due on May 11, so we hurried up and got it done. We were surprised that they would send out the census and demand it be completed so fast, but we weren’t exactly running around like headless chickens so we sat down and did it. It turns out we had more time than we thought, but it’s good that it’s out of the way. This begs the question. What do they mean that May 11 is census day if I’m still seeing commercials on May 16 that the census has begun?

Just like five years ago, the website was beautifully accessible and it worked perfectly well. I didn’t run into a single problem. Unlike five years ago, we only had to fill out the short form census this time, and it was very short. It got especially short when neither of us said we had received French Immersion-style education. We shot from 73 percent complete to something like 98 or 99 percent complete. I worried for a second that I had broken something, but I found out that happened to other people too, so I didn’t worry so much. Also, I have to thank me from five years ago for realizing that I might need a reminder about how I got the PIN to plug into the census website off the notice that came in the mail. I just used Aira this time, but the phone line option seems to be still available.

So if you haven’t filled it out yet, it should work fine even if you fill it out on your phone. That isn’t always the case with forms, I don’t know why. And if you need to find out what your code is, you can call 1-855-340-2021 and hopefully they can fix you up. I didn’t have to use that option this year, but I can’t imagine why they couldn’t do that. I mean, they want you to fill it out, don’t they?

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