Silly Nephew, Didn’t You Know, I’m Bluffing My Way Through The Gruffalo?

The other day I went on a tiny shopping spree…for kids’ books. Yup, I bought a few books to have around in case we end up babysitting wee ones. I have learned recently that I can memorize kids’ stories if I hear them read often enough, and sometimes it only takes a few repetitions to […]

A New COVID-19 Theory? That’s Super, Computer!

As we learn more about COVID-19, it pisses us off because it feels like its laundry list of symptoms just keeps growing, and the symptoms have no connection to each other. We just want to scream “Now you tell us it can cause cough, fever, loss of taste, sore throat, headache, stroke, heart trouble, kidney […]

It’s A Nice Day For A WhatsAppp Wedding

Oops there’s something in my eye. Here’s something that’s very 2020. A couple of weeks ago, Steve and I watched someone’s wedding over Whatsapp. It wasn’t just someone. It was Barb and Alex’s wedding, and if the stupid Coronavirus hadn’t come along and squashed all this year’s hopes and dreams, we were supposed to be […]

No Matter Where You Live, We Can’t Shake Hands

A while ago, I constructed a list of kids’ songs that weren’t totally obnoxious. I was thinking about that list, and realized this one is ruined. Lyrics are here. Thanks, Coronavirus! We certainly *don’t* want to teach kids to shake hands right now. That song is so beautiful, so simple, and so sadly not a […]