Guilty Pleasures – A Response

Note from Steve: This is Matt’s post, and it’ll say so at the bottom just as soon as I remember how to edit post authors.

I have to admit I enjoyed Steve’s Miley Post – or as we in Canada call her – Kilometery Cyrus. (booooo!)

What is it about Ms Montana that makes her so hard to hate? The song Steve points out is something I don’t detest as much as most pop garbage out there. But, alas, it is not my favourite Cyrus tune. And yes I have one.

Last year it was revealed that Toronto Maple Leafs were using Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” as the song in their locker room following every victory.

I’ll certainly grant you that, given the occasion it was assigned to, it wasn’t heard all that often. It seemed like an odd choice though, that’s for sure. Apparently the guilty party for starting it was Tyler Bozak. He then propped the stereo up between McLaren & Orr, the Leafs 2 heavyweight ass kickers, in the Leafs locker room to give other guys a reason to think twice before going over to change the tune.

I downloaded as a goof on some friends before travelling to the Winter Classic last year to see the Leafs play but the whole thing backfired on me as the song grew on me. I wouldn’t say it’s in heavy rotation in my collection. But it pops up more often without me hitting the skip button than I’d like to admit.

There’s no rock cover (there is but no good ones) of it that I can cling to as the a reason I like it. It just is what it is.

However, speaking of terrific rock covers. I whole-heartedly endorse The Horrible Crowes cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

Given my above honesty regarding my far less than manly affection for the Miley tune, I hope you’ll believe me when I tell you in this case I honestly don’t enjoy Katy’s version t all. It falls back in to the garbagey pop category that makes my ears bleed.

But this, despite being a cover of said tune, is terrific. As a stand alone tune it is wholy enjoyable. Brian Fallon’s bluesy/gritty voice gives it a real cool feel. The silliness of him singing her lyrics always makes me smile and it’s all around sound makes my head bob every time I hear it.

I’ve more than once found myself in a social setting humming it. Good luck trying to convince anyone you’re humming a cool rock tune and not a shitty pop tune at that point.

Song Of The Summer 2012 – Defended

Note from Steve: If you missed what started this, go here.

What you’re about to read makes me feel a bit better. Not about my self image since Matt is a heartless ass, but about the state of his musical tastes. I’m glad we can still be friends. Make fun of my weight all you want, but you start turning into a music homo and we might need to have a talk.

Let me start by saying thanks to Steve for giving me the opportunity to respond to my claim and offering me the open door to return. I’ve considered it lately, so as long as Steve is not already standing in that door I should be able to navigate my way back through it.

Down to business.

“I say all of this knowing that I’m not the target audience for today’s music.” It’s a shame given what a large target they’d have to aim for.

Secondly, while my reputation for English brilliance preceeds me, I feel it somewhat unfair to pick apart the spelling and grammar one uses on Twitter having no foreknowledge it would be posted to such a fine and noted literary website like this. If you look at the quote that Steve has helpfully posted that I “tweeted” at him you’ll notice it’s quite lengthy and in the original also needed to have a URL fit in those 140 characters. I made the necessary adjustments to make it fit. The same thing Steve does each morning when attempting to button his relax-fit jeans.

Now there is discussion of the actual song coming here, and not simply venom to be spewed at Captain Cheapshot.

I would argue that the overlying and repeating “chorus”, if you can call it that in this type of music, where the female vocalist is simply singing “Oh baby, My sweet baby” is the type of thing that the short attention span, can’t remember more than 9-words, keep it simple for me masses will gobble up and embrace while they bob their heads driving around town this summer. It is also a tune that can easily get stuck in someone’s head.

I can’t say MIB III wil be the biggest movie of the summer. I honestly don’t know and don’t follow movies. What I know is that I see the ads for it during every god damn commercial break of my Jays games and it’s being madly hyped. It will be one of the big movies of the summer. I have no clue as to what else is on deck.

So, you can pick me apart on the front of whether the movie is a shitty idea, but it’s not really the point. I haven’t seen the movie – and won’t. But the movie will be big enough to provide this song the backing it needs to stay high on the charts longer than it otherwise may.

All the cards on the table, I, as a much younger person when it came out, very much enjoyed the original Men in Black movie. When the sequal came out I figured it was worth a look and it was an undefendable piece of garbage. For that reason and the fact that I’m now a nearly 30 year old man, I won’t be seeing the newest installment.

As for calling in to question my musical tastes. This music is not now, nor has it ever been, my “cup of tea”, if you will. But as someone who likes to try and stay current and if nothing else be a music observer, this one struck me as the perfect storm to be the biggest song of the summer. In my opinion it has the qualities to keep it hot for a long time. As mentioned, something that slow-witted music fans can sing their 2 lines to, has a beat you can dance to in these shitty bars, has a tune that can remain stuck in people’s heads and has the cross-over of the movie to keep the song on TV in ads, promos and reviews of the film.

I’ll grant you my musical tastes have mellowed significantly from the old punk-rock days. I’m a staunch Tragically Hip supporter (if you haven’t heard of them you probably live outside of Canada and a trip to iTunes is badly needed in your near future). Since they’ve been on hiatus for a while (until right now actually), I’ve found my way to embracing a band out of New Jersey called the Gaslight Anthem who are absolutely tremendous.

I have not mellowed to the point where this type of music holds a prominent place in my collection. It usually at LEAST needs to have someone with some musical talent. Give me a guitar or a good singer or something. Nothing computer generated. But I will own up and confess that while this falls outside my usual tastes, I am one who finds it catchy and doesn’t hate it. But I’m also someone who tires of the repetition of these types of songs very quickly and thus my attention to it will likely turn to rage much quicker than most people’s.

In closing, I see under Steve’s original post there are 4 comments. I neglected to look at them before responding to ensure I was not swayed by anything that was said. I will however now do so. Venom may soon befall you!

Good to be back, VC!

Yours in Tremendousness

PS: If you don’t know the HIP, seriously, go check it out. Start with one tune, I suggest The Darkest Ones, and then just buy it all. Everything.

Matt on Christmas

Hello Friends;

Remember me? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. For the last two weeks I’ve not had two minutes to scratch my own ass – and you people who know me know this is very important to me. As for the lack of posts before that busy two week period… Well there’s a very good reason for that, too. I don’t like you.

So. first things first. A belated Happy Birthday to everyone’s favourite dough-boy, Steve! The appearance on the outside is frightful – but the dude inside is delightful. Hope it was a good birthday, despite the ass-kicking we took from, that bitch, Mother Nature. She’s putting up a good fight but I still think we’re winning the war with our SUV’s and factories. You can’t win, bitch! We’ll destroy you, yet.

The second most important birthday of the month is almost upon us, as well. Jesus’. Long time readers know my thoughts on religion but this is not a time for that. I love Christmas. I have little interest in where all the traditions stem from. I just love all the gatherings, the time with family, the countless pints of Christmas cheer and the general good mood that most people are in. It’s my favourite time of year.

It’s my favourite time of year for another reason. The World Juniors are on. Last night Team Canada played their first pre-tournament game against a very good Sweden team. The Canadians won 4-2 but it must be noted that Sweden did not start their starting goalie and had only been in our time zone for 2 days so it was hardly going to be their best effort. Canada will be in tough against them.

The Canadian team is a very fast and very skilled team but is not as big up front as they have been in past years. The defense is of good size with Hickey and Toulbert figuring to be the number 1 shut down pair and John Tavares leading the offensive charge up front. It’s a good group but they won’t push people around as they have in the past. The tournament starts for real on Boxing Day as Canada plays the Czech Republic at 7pm EST.

Every year at this time I’m annoyed by the same thing. The lack of tollerance we have for each other. Everyone preaches equality and how everyone should be able to practice their own religion – and what happens? No one can actually do it! Not Christians, Not the Jewish, no one. We get watered down bullshit like “Happy Holidays” and “Holiday Trees”. If I’m a Christian store-owner (I’m not) who wants to buy time on the local tv station to say Merry Christmas to the community – I can’t. I have to say Happy Holidays. Kids can no longer make their traditional Christmas decorations or write letters to Santa at school because it might offend someone. Do we really all respect each other? Or do we disrespect each other to the point that it’s not okay to enjoy the season properly? I have a few Jewish friends and I have never once been offended to hear them say Happy Chanukah to me – and they have on many occasions.

Note: Apologies if I’ve spelled Chanukah wrong and offended an entire group of people. 🙂

What people fail to understand is that it’s not the tree, it’s not the candles, it’s not a mangers scene or a big fat dude in a red costume that makes the season. It’s supposed to be the good will and the time with friends and family so if someone chooses to say to you Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah he is merely wishing you a pleasant season and is not trying to convert yout o his particular religion.

Sorry to get all preachy on you but it bothers me that people can take something so awesome and make it so political and devicive.

All that said. I don’t know if I’ll post again so I’ll take this time to say Merry Christmas and hope that you take that to mean that you should all become Christians before New Years. 🙂

Have a great Holiday!

>30 Teams in 60 Words

>So we’re about 1/4 of the way through the NHL season so maybe it’s time to take a tour around the league and see what 2 words come to mind for every team in the league at this point. Some are a statement on how the team has preformed, others on how I feel about them – and some just on the general position in the league.

And heeeere we go!

Anaheim Ducks – Below expectations
Atlanta Thrashers – Who cares?
Boston Bruins – Holy shit!
Buffalo Sabres – Too fast
Calgary Flames – Tough team
Carolina Hurricanes – You suck
Chicago Blackhawks – JONOTHAN TOEWES!!!!!
Colorado Avalanche – Get’er goin’! (so i cheated – blow me!)
Columbus Blue Jackets – Relocation, anyone?
Dallas Stars – Fuckin’ Avery!
Detroit Red Wings – Likely repeating
Edmonton Oilers – Next year
Florida Panthers – Bankruptcy, anyone?
Los Angeles Kings – AWFUL goaltending.
Minnesota Wild – Try offense
Montreal Canadiens – Eastern Champions
Nashville Predators – GIVE UP!!!
New Jersey Devils – Hangin’ tough
New York Islanders – John Tavares
New York Rangers – Great start
Ottawa Senators – Eat shit!
Philadelphia Flyers – Carter’s amazing!
Phoenix Coyotes – Winnipeg calling
Pittsburgh Penguins – Where’s Sidney??
San Jose Shakrs – Best team
St. Louis Blues – Enjoy Steen….. (hahahaha)
Tampa Bay Lightning – Play Stamkos!!
Toronto Maple Leafs – God’s team!
Vancouver Canucks – big surprise
Washington Capitals – Ovechkin dominates

I’m Jack Bauer, Mother Fucker!

So last night following the Grey Cup I was stoked to get to see the FOX movie presentation of 24: Redemption.

The show was amazing – especially for those of us 24 junkies who are going through serious 24 withdrawal. Season 7 did not air last year as it was supposed due to some greasy writers who needed more money. The nature of the show dictates that a season can not be shortened like many shows were last year so it was decided it would be shelved altogether.

Last night’s movie does a beautiful job of showing us what Jack’s been up to since we last left him, as well as what’s happening back in America and who is now in power. It sets up the beginning of Season 7 quite well, also, as it gets Jack Bauer back to America and in custody which is important because, it’s my understanding, that Season 7 opens with Jack facing charges for his previous…. indiscretions, we’ll call them. We all know sometimes to save the country you need to mrder several dozen people – but the government isn’t buying it, I guess.

Anyway, it was a great way to get the show back in to the minds of viewers after a year off and leave them craving the start of the season. I definitely could have used some Chloe and the rest of the CTU gang – but we’ll get them soon enough.

Survivor Series Post-dictions!

Hey Kids;
Gee. So sorry I missed that trainwreck. Let’s recap, shall we? We fuck the pans who paid 40 skins to see if one of their favourite guys would finally win the big one – just to find out that he won’t be on the show at all. We take the World title off the only guy drawing any heat at all on RAW and make the guy who you just put the IC title on, ruining another hot character, look like a joke. (I know he was sick – but smarten up).

$40, well saved.

Oh Shit…. It’s Actually Happening

So, i just checked out the weekly hit counter for the first time in a while and found something fairly disturbing. Especially if you’re Steve and Carin who used to be running a pretty successful place here.

You’ll recall when I returned this summer I swore, half jokingly, that I would manage to drive the readership away and crush any success Steve and Carin had built. A few weeks later I showed some stats that, at the time, were comical that showed I may have been succeeding.

Well, unforunately for my self-respect, this was not a blip on the radar but a resounding comment on my appeal. lol. Please take note of the, somewhat noticeable, trend that has developed over the last 13 weeks since I’ve come back.

Week 33
Week 34
Week 35
Week 36
Week 37
Week 38
Week 39
Week 40
Week 41
Week 42
Week 43
Week 44
Week 45

It’s not funny anymore. I was amused after 2 or 3 weeks when it seemed like a strange co-incidence and I could joke about it. But after 12 weeks of this, it becomes a little depressing.

I mean look at some of those weekly drops. It’s hard to believe that Steve ate ALL of them… some of them are lagitimately choosing to not come back.

It’s a sad day. Hopefully America’s new President can set this downward trend in the economy and our site readership back on the right path.

>Tough Question

>So, if Steve can post stupid things. So can I.

In all the excitement that is currently swirling around due to the Obama victory last night – I feel like one very important question is not being asked.

Myself, and many others, are now asking. Will America ever go back?

Y’know… having gone black black and all…

Too soon?

NFL Predicts Obama

Well, if you’re a supersticious Democrat than I guess you can not even bother throwing on the News tonight to see who won the election.

Every election since 1960 has had a very odd twist to it. If in their last game before the election – the Washington Redskins win – it means the incumbant party wins. If they lose – then the challenger wins.

Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the ‘Skins and, I guess, put the final nail in John McCain’s casket.

All that said, I’m not supersticious so I’ll be tuned in tongiht to see. The poles have started to close in a couple of areas so extremely early numbers have started to come in and they are very, very close. Looks like it could be a late night.