Pro-Wrestling Favorability Survey

For once, let’s take a survey not related to accessibility. This one’s about wrestling, specifically how you feel about and access programming from various companies. This survey is being conducted by Brandon Thurston (, an independent researcher, writer, pro-wrestler, and sometimes business consultant who creates content associated with He plans to use the results […]

Just Wear The Damn Mask. And If You Honestly Can’t, Just Say So

Perhaps some of you might remember a website from years ago called the Biggest Idiot On The Internet. It’s sadly not around anymore, but if it was I’m pretty sure Letitia Montana here would have today’s win sewn up. Went into the Emergency Dept. at St Joseph’s Hospital in #Toronto for a suspected broken finger. […]

A Video Look At The 1950s Atomic Energy Lab Toy. Yes, the One With The Live Uranium In It

The old Atomic Energy Lab has come up once or twice here in a couple of posts that aren’t really worth my trouble to dig up. Basically if one of us ever linked out to somebody’s list of toys that weren’t a good idea, it’s most likely going to be on it. But what none […]