We Wish You A Maily Christmas

Here is the story of Juanita┬áRodenhiser , a very sweet, well-intentioned mom who’s trying to bring her daughter some happiness. Believe me, I completely understand that goal. But the thing is she has not heard the stories of the others who have preceded her into the “another postcard” category in which she now finds herself. […]

Another Little Guy Wants Birthday Cards…Here We Go Again

I was just thinking about how our Another Postcard tag hadn’t had a workout in a while, and I was hoping people had learned and weren’t doing this anymore. nope. I have been yelled at in the comments for saying this whole asking for cards thing is a bad idea. I have been told to […]

Here Comes Another Christmas Card Request

Oh dear. Just took a look at Snopes. I had just been thinking “We haven’t seen a story about someone asking for Christmas cards…” Enter Nathan Norman. The poor little guy, bless his heart, is fighting for his life against brain cancer and asked for Christmas cards…and oh boy, here they come. I’m glad that […]

Hunting For Hope For Hunter Scott’s Family

The family of Hunter Scott had better set up a PO box for the birthday cards. Do it before it’s too late. If you don’t, well, you’ll feel like the other families with whom you share this tag. Please, please do that. There may be still time since your address wasn’t stuck in the email.

Another One Becomes Buried In Christmas Cards

Cards tag? What do you think? We can add the family of Nathan Elfrink to the pile of people who will forever regret the decision to ask for a few cards. Someone decided that they really meant a million. Now Nathan Elfrink is no longer with us, and the cards keep coming. They’re now asking […]

I Don’t Think The Christmas Cards Will Stop After 40 Days and 40 Nights…

Dear family of Noah Biorkman: I realize that you love your son and you want to do for him what seems like a simple request. But…you may regret what you have done. I know the families of Christopher Bedgood and Craig Shergold will tell you that asking for cards over the internet is kind of […]

Put the Idea of Requesting Cards for Sick Kids to Bed, It Never Does any Good.

Ok there family of Brandon Rayner who told me to get a heart. do you still agree with me, even when I give you our latest poor unfortunate soul? His name is Christopher Bedgood, and none of this is his fault or the fault of his overwhelmed family. someone else decided that Christopher Bedgood needed […]

Here’s A Family Who’s Going To Hate Business Cards

Dear family of Brandon Rayner: Are you sure that what you’re embarking on is a good idea? Really? Before you go any further, please read the story of Craig Shergold. I can see many disastrous outcomes ahead. Either your little boy will make it, and you’ll still get deluged with business cards, and you won’t […]