New Guide Dog Journals: My Meeting With Tansy Recorded, Complete With Blemishes

Remember I said I had our meeting recorded, but it was too big to email? Well, now I’ve got it off the phone and all converted. Notice how I can’t work my phone? That’s because I was too shaky. Also notice how I almost call her Trixie? Here’s my meeting with Tansy, all 8 minutes […]

Weekend Audio: Greetings From The Shoe Thief

Ok, so technically this is last weekend’s audio, but things happen. Things like me coming down with a 3 day flu the next morning, for example. In retrospect I think that’s part of the reason I sound so sleepy here. Part beverages and part impending doom. People have asked for it, and we’ve finally delivered. […]

Long Weekend Audio: You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Babble.

This will be the last audio of the night. It would have been up sooner but…well…I got distracted. We started off talking about the whole underline/underscore thing. Ro had said that Voiceover says “underline” still, and then Steve said that JAWS says underline too. More and more weirdness. We decided that would be the last […]

Long Weekend Audio: What Made Me Choose A Guide Dog

Here comes another one. This one will be quick. Ceci asked me what made me decide to get a guide dog…so I started talking. I hope something in here makes some sense. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are a bit disorganized and confusing. But I think my main points are walk with some guide […]

Long Weekend Audio: I Like Traffic Lights…

Thank Monty Python for the title. Well! Aren’t we the audio crankin’ machines? We decided this one would have a different twist on it. We decided to take you, the loyal vomiteers, on a walk with us. We’d never done this before…and it kinda showed in the audio quality. Most of it is pretty listenable, […]

Long Weekend Audio: Caboom!Cast

The urge struck us to do some more audio, so here we are. We had a lot of fun doing this one. It started with me not saying go at the right moment. Woops. Welcome to me not being a good record button-pusher. Then we just rambled about the awesome weather, the Blue Jays winning […]