Another Step In The Shmans Retirement Journey

I got some news a couple of weeks ago that, in normal times, would have been up on the blog immediately. But because now is now, I hadn’t posted it yet. After some logistical hurdles and technical difficulties, GDB received all my guide dog reapplication stuff, and it went to the committee, and I have […]

Long Weekend Audio: What Made Me Choose A Guide Dog

Here comes another one. This one will be quick. Ceci asked me what made me decide to get a guide dog…so I started talking. I hope something in here makes some sense. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are a bit disorganized and confusing. But I think my main points are walk with some guide […]

You Have, One, New Drug Deal In Your Mailbox

Here’s a tip. When calling your boss and leaving a voicemail, always check that you’ve hung up properly before continuing with your activities, especially if they involve making a drug deal. If you don’t, you may end up fired, just like Joseph Stankiewicz did. He claims that it’s not him on the recording, but a […]

Thoughts Knocking Around In My Head

I have more random thoughts. I must be in a thoughtful mood since I’m here all alone. Maybe it keeps me from talking to myself if I write on the blog. Na, I’d probably talk to myself anyway, and hey, if I’m talking, I could be talking to the Trixter. What I did find myself […]