Being Blind In The Pandemic. Could Be Better, Could Be Worse

This column, written by our friend Shermeen Khan (look at me name dropping) for the Waterloo Record gets into a lot of the things that Carin and I have been saying throughout the pandemic. Like us, she and her husband are blind, which in itself adds an extra layer of complexity to dealing with this […]

There Are No Rules About Mental Distancing. Stop That!

I have been feeling anxious when out walking because I never feel like I can keep the six feet of distance. This is not helped by Shmans’s tendency to kind of buzz people as they go by. Sometimes she just scoots past them, and sometimes she has sniffed people in a moment of weakness. Either […]

Somebody Help Me Figure Out The Ramble Tag

I need somebody to please tell me if there’s something I’m missing here, because I’m not understanding how harnessing yourself to your sighted guide rather than simply taking an elbow makes the experience of being guided any more independent or any less awkward than it is currently. Is it awkward? I’ve never had a problem […]