Cancer Fakery On A Scale That’s Going To Be Hard To Top

Of all the people we’ve covered here faking cancer for money or attention or whatever other reasons they might have, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone pull it off on as massive a scale as Belle Gibson did. Through blogs, books, apps, fundraising (both on behalf of charities and unbeknownst to them) and media appearances, […]

There She Is, Miss I Don’t Really Have Cancer

It’s been a while since we’ve posted one, but yes, people are still shaving their heads, pretending they have cancer and making good money doing it. Police arrested Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates, 23, of Bellefonte on Tuesday, and charged her with theft by deception and receiving stolen property.  Investigators said Weaver-Gates took money from events that […]

How Do You Like Your Eggs? Lies, Shambles Or Vaporized?

Another person has been caught faking cancer. This time it’s a 31-year-old Australian woman named Elizabeth Edmunds. People were told the 31-year-old had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in April and that by September it had spread to her lungs. But last week the alleged scam unravelled when family and friends learned “Elle” never had […]

You Want To Meet Mickey Mouse, Don’t You? Well Then, You Have Cancer

Pretending you have cancer in order to gain money/attention/sympathy/all of the above for yourself is pretty well beyond awful, but there’s got to be a special place in whatever passes for hell for somebody who fakes it on behalf of her small child. A Colorado woman who allegedly convinced her young son he had cancer […]

Sure I Have Cancer. Just Ask Me…I Mean My Doctor

Here’s a case of fake cancer with a twist. The twist, as you may have assumed given what site you’re on, is that it was executed poorly. An unidentified 46-year-old Swedish woman, citing a fear of what prison life would be like, forged herself up a medical certificate stating that she was suffering from terminal […]

Goin’ To The Chapel And We’re…Gonna Pretend I’m Dying Of Acute Leukemia

The I’m going to fake having cancer in order to take advantage of humanity’s kindness for personal gain train shows no signs of slowing down. Meet 25-year-old Jessica Vega. A couple of years ago, she was set to marry Michael O’Connell. But this was no ordinary wedding. It was special because Vega was tragically suffering […]

Will She Claim She Only Pretended To Take That Stuff From The Store Without Paying?

If you’ve been wondering what Ashley Kirilow has been doing since her sentencing, there’s an update. If you were hoping it was one filled with good news and happy tales of a woman who has turned her life around, my apologies. She’s done with cancer faking hopefully forever, but her and the legal system have […]

Douglas Archie Clark, Defrauding People Left, Left, Left Right Left

Remember Douglas Archie Clark? That fake war veteran who also had fake cancer? Well, he’s been at it again. And after they rearrested him because he didn’t show up for his July court appearance, wasn’t sticking to his release conditions, and was ripping more people off, they released him…again, with more release conditions. Yeah, because […]