All Of The Business COVID Commercials AT Once

I realized that everybody’s “in these uncertain times, we’re still here for you, we’re all in this together” ads were pretty much the same, but it’s sort of amazing just how similar they truly are. Corporate Covid-19 response videos are eerily similar. *Cue somber piano music* When a company or brand releases a Coronavirus Response […]

What’s Up, Paul? Not Much. Just Getting COVID Tested For No Reason

I like this commercial for the most part, but it has one major flaw. If Paul has COVID but doesn’t know it, how did he end up getting tested, which gave him the code, which he entered into the app, bla bla bla? If you’re not symptomatic, you’re probably not getting a test which won’t […]

Milk Is Amazingly Gross When You Can’t See What It’s Doing

Steve’s naked singing milk-drinking guy made me think of this milk commercial, and some thoughts I had about it. I’m sure what’s happening there is there is a waterfall of milk and maybe a cow off to the side mooing. But that is not the image that the sound conjured up for me, who couldn’t […]

Pretty Sure Walmart Thinks We’re Morons

They keep running this ad talking about the convenience of ordering groceries from them online. Cool. I’ll stick with the Central Fresh Market because I like them more and because they actually deliver to my area, but whatever. Anyway, at the end, it mentions their “free grocery pick-up.” Well…yeah. I should hope so. Who out […]

This Post Is Brought To You By…Someone Or Other

I’m noticing a theme with TV commercials that is really starting to bug me. They don’t tell you what they’re for anymore! I have talked about this before when I cursed Sobeys to the ends of the earth, but it’s getting worse, and I have assembled a flock of them to prove my point. I […]

If The Amount Of Football Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Most Definitely Is

The ad Rogers is running for the NFL Sunday Ticket package this year is driving me nuts. Most of it is fine, but there’s one line where it says “get up to 200 regular season games every Sunday afternoon.” Um…no. You will not get that. It would be impossible for you to get that. There […]