Black Friday Body Count: Best Buy Down!

I’m still waiting for the first real life store riot of the day, which is legitimately shocking to me. But it seems that Best Buy Canada has given us the online equivalent by shitting the bed not long after their big sale started. The online backlash against Best Buy Canada began shortly after the company […]

Think Out…Buffering…Buffering…Side The…Buffering…

Who goes into Taco Bell expecting to find WiFi? For that matter, who goes into Taco Bell expecting to find food? I can’t answer that second one, but the answer to the first is apparently Amber Henson, who decided that the flaky internet access at one of the chain’s establishments in Oklahoma was grounds for […]

It’s Me! Anybody Here?

So…I’m sure you’re wondering where the heck we’ve been, and why, when we come back to life, we’re spewing out stories about aptly named dumbasses and…gross individuals. Were we gone for an awesome vacation? Were we in a coma and don’t even realize we’ve missed almost a month? Well, if all else fails you can […]

Welcome To The Quiet And Frustrated Season, Plus Some Holiday Observations

Good morning, Vomiteers! Wow, there’s one we haven’t busted out in a while. Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here…again. I feel like I just finished apologizing for that same thing a few weeks back, probably because I did. But yeah, sure has been quiet around here lately, hasn’t it? Between entering the Christmas […]

Programs You Should Have And Some Suggestions For Thunderbird

Believe it or not, this place is about more than fools and their genitals. Sometimes stopping bye each day might just net you something useful, and now might just be one of those times. Lifehacker has released what they’re calling the Lifehacker Pack for Windows. It’s their list of what they think are the most […]

A Word Or 6 On Fixing Computers, And Happy Birthday Carin!

I’m not a hardcore tech support guy, but enough people look in my direction when bad things happen to perfectly good computers to make this seem like a worthwhile article. 5 Things You Should Know Before Trying to Fix Your Computer. There is much great advice to be found here, but sadly most of it […]

An Old Poem Has A New Reader

Sorry I haven’t written much over the past while. Believe me, I have a pile of stuff that caught my attention, and hopefully I won’t completely forget it all. Plus, I want to have something in the Assistance Dog Blog carnival, and the deadline is coming up…fast. So hopefully that means more posts from me…unless […]

Everything’s Gone, Gotta Carry On

You know how I said on Thursday that my computer was in the hospital? Well, according to the guy at the store, my hard drive is dead. Nothing is retrievable. Nothing can detect it. It makes grinding noises. He says it’s a paperweight. Crycrycrycrycry, gasp, crycrycrycrycry. As the full weight of this set in, I […]