Here Comes Dumb George

It’s always a little disappointing when somebody whose contributions to your entertainment you’ve enjoyed goes and ruins everything by showing himself to be kind of a moron. Hopefully I’ll still be able to listen to most Van Morrison without wanting to reach through whatever speaker I happen to be close to so I can punch […]

All Of The Business COVID Commercials AT Once

I realized that everybody’s “in these uncertain times, we’re still here for you, we’re all in this together” ads were pretty much the same, but it’s sort of amazing just how similar they truly are. Corporate Covid-19 response videos are eerily similar. *Cue somber piano music* When a company or brand releases a Coronavirus Response […]

What’s Up, Paul? Not Much. Just Getting COVID Tested For No Reason

I like this commercial for the most part, but it has one major flaw. If Paul has COVID but doesn’t know it, how did he end up getting tested, which gave him the code, which he entered into the app, bla bla bla? If you’re not symptomatic, you’re probably not getting a test which won’t […]

Slow And Steady Wins The Race, Or At Least Might Prevent You From Having To Run The Race Again

Admittedly I don’t know shit about shit when it comes to the safe and proper administration of vaccines, so maybe there’s a solid reason for all of this carrying on about how reserving doses so that people are able to get their second COVID shot is all of a sudden bad. But what I do […]