And This Guy Thinks I Should Question Trudeau’s Judgment

I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything, but if your name is O’Toole and you have a son, why in god’s name would you call him Jack? Do you expect that he’ll never ever find himself in the company of other children or people in their 40s who sometimes still act like children? […]

Can We Just Build A Wall Around America And Be Done With It?

I know people don’t much like the word in this context anymore, but this is retarded. Completely and utterly fucking retarded. So retarded that actual retarded people would look at the person who would make a decision like it and say “what are you, retarded?” A federal judge has struck down Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s […]

A New COVID-19 Theory? That’s Super, Computer!

As we learn more about COVID-19, it pisses us off because it feels like its laundry list of symptoms just keeps growing, and the symptoms have no connection to each other. We just want to scream “Now you tell us it can cause cough, fever, loss of taste, sore throat, headache, stroke, heart trouble, kidney […]

You’ll Be Fine. It’s Exaggerated, Remember?

I can’t imagine there not being a dumb lawsuit over this at some point, because that’s generally what happens when dumb people like Phillip Dupaul do dumb things and then have to face the possibility of perhaps facing the music. Dupaul is one of those guys who won’t wear a mask because the pandemic is […]

Being Blind In The Pandemic. Could Be Better, Could Be Worse

This column, written by our friend Shermeen Khan (look at me name dropping) for the Waterloo Record gets into a lot of the things that Carin and I have been saying throughout the pandemic. Like us, she and her husband are blind, which in itself adds an extra layer of complexity to dealing with this […]

It’s A Nice Day For A WhatsAppp Wedding

Oops there’s something in my eye. Here’s something that’s very 2020. A couple of weeks ago, Steve and I watched someone’s wedding over Whatsapp. It wasn’t just someone. It was Barb and Alex’s wedding, and if the stupid Coronavirus hadn’t come along and squashed all this year’s hopes and dreams, we were supposed to be […]