There’s A Whitewater Rapids Joke In Here Somewhere

Another dude has been caught slipping his baby mayo into the drink of an unsuspecting woman, but this time it’s not because he was trying to win her affection. Robert Tyson, 63, was found guilty last year of twice doing the deed to the water mug of a coworker he was having issues with. He […]

Even When You’re Isolated You’re Still Out In The World, Councillor Hot Mic

Update: If you don’t feel like watching or skimming five hours of meeting for 30 seconds of action, you can watch just the fun part here. So remember the olden days of a few months ago when we all had to do things like deal with people in person and we, at least the functional […]

If You Need Something To Do, You Can Heat UP This Hot Dog

Serious question. Do pick-up techniques like those employed by Mustafa Demiray here ever actually work? I know that if I ever said anything to a woman to the effect of “hey, you’re bored, I’m bored, how’s about you lollipop my dong” it would be nothing but a ticket to the ICU to have the swelling […]