Those Paint Fumes Will Get You Every Time

Wow. According to this police report, Travis Mark Layton had himself quite the day at work for some reason. According to an incident report from Lilburn police, Layton was at the Sherwin-Williams store with a male coworker Thursday when he “attempted to give (the coworker) a hug.” He was rebuffed several times before attempting to […]

New Guide Dog Journals: The Journey Home

Well here I am, although who knows where here is since I’m sitting in a chair in the sky. Woke up early and ran around grabbing all the odds and ends I couldn’t pack up until absolutely necessary. The resident advisor came in, had a boo around and confirmed I hadn’t forgotten anything. Then the […]

Life, The Universe, CSUN, Trixie, Guide Dog Class, And Everything

Here I am again…much sooner than last time but still taking a long time between posts. CSUN was amazing. Damn I wish I could go every year. And I really didn’t get to see much of the exhibit hall since I was in so many sessions. It was weird basically having to make your own […]