Spring Ahead…Into My Thought Pool

Now that I’ve got my email fixed, it’s ramblin’ time! I’m so happy that winter was not too bad to us, but I’m even happier that spring just might be on its way. It’ll take me a long time to truly believe it’s here since winter never really got going, but whatever this weather is, […]

Some People Call Me The Pain Pill Cowboy, Some Call Me The Dentist Of Love

We have another dentist, Dr. Steven S. Miller, in trouble with the law. If you wanted a prescription pain narcotic, if you were female, all you had to do was offer him sexual favours. Not really much else to this story, except for the shocked neighbours who couldn’t believe he was capable of this. Well, […]

Some Weird Ads For Ya

It’s time once again for an episode of what the hell is up with these commercials? This one took us a while to put together, and it has less in it. There’s been this ad campaign pushing Ontario as the place to be. I think it started when we moved into this apartment, because I […]