Signed On Your Liver, I’m Yours Small update: Simon Bramhall has been sentenced. It looks like he has to pay £10000 and do 120 hours of unpaid work. I wonder if they made him clean up graffiti. That’s…just…creepy. A doctor in England has been convicted of burning his initials into a couple of patients’ internal organs during surgery. Was Simon […]

Did You Hear The One About The Naked Doctor? Did You See It? Would You Like To Do Both?

In certain contexts, telling the story of how one time your buddy was trying to show somebody a picture on your phone and wound up giving everyone a good long look at you naked instead is pretty funny. Hell, once I got over the embarrassment I’d probably tell that story if I had one like […]

So You’re Here For An Injection, Eh? Well, I’ve Got A Nice Big Injection For You Right Here

I’m not saying that a joint specialist should never ask you about your sex life. I mean who knows, maybe something you’re doing in the old boudoir could be causing you unnecessary harm. It happens. But if a joint specialist is going to ask you about your sex life, it would probably be best if […]

It’s Nothing, Honey. Writing Down The Time During Sex Turns Me On Is All

If the news is to be believed (not always a sure thing), therapists, patients and sexual relationships don’t tend to mix well. Even when everyone short of the ethics board is down with it, there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong. Often things go sideways in spite of the best efforts of […]

He’s Going To Be A Real Hit In Prison With A Name Like That

Recently convicted of gross sexual imposition and tampering with records after a trial in which it was alleged that he groped various female patients during orthopedic exams is Dr. Jake Heiney. And yes, those were among the things he groped. During Heiney’s trial, a 42-year-old woman testified that the doctor pushed and squeezed her breasts […]