How Fast Is That Doggie In The Window? How Long Have We Been ON His Tail?

I’m pretty sure everything about what happened here can be explained by four words. Read on and see if you can guess which ones. ‘I wish I could make this up’ | Man teaching his dog how to drive leads cops on high-speed chase According to the Washington State Patrol, Alberto Tito Alejandro, 51, of […]

How The Vomit Comet People Are Responding To COVID-19

Sorry…Too many emails… Lyrics here if you need them. So how are we doing? So far, we’re doing ok. I’m working from home, we’ve been told we’re working from home until at least May, being kept very busy because when everybody *has* to do their courses on line, problems come up that haven’t been dealt […]

Down Boy! All The Way! Down! Yes, The Whole Six Feet! Down!

Healthy dog euthanized for burial with owner, sparks debate Debate? There’s debate to be sparked? Do me a favour. Read that again, but this time substitute the word “dog” for the word “child”. Then come back and explain to me why this is still ok. Veterinarians and funeral homes in Virginia are rejecting the idea […]

Pick Of The Litter: A Fun Little Movie About Guide Dogs

I’ve been meaning to write about this movie, but I wanted to see it first. Now I have, so here I go. It’s a documentary about GDB, the school that trained Trix and Tansy, and it’s called Pick of the Litter. It’s the story of five guide dog puppies, and the process they move through […]