Reminiscing About Tansy’s Second Trip To Her Raisers

As always, after I’ve taken a trip, I take forever to blog about it. This one was almost a year and a half ago. But I felt like writing it down because if this garbage Coronavirus hadn’t come along, I would have likely been back there this week. Back in March of 2019, when life […]

You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voice

Ok, people. We have established that guide dogs can’t read maps, traffic lights, street signs or the news. Now, let’s clear something else up while we’re at it. Dogs aren’t writing anything either. There’s a Facebook page called Zoe the Seeing Eye dog. In it, Zoe’s handler writes as if she is the dog, like […]

There Are No Rules About Mental Distancing. Stop That!

I have been feeling anxious when out walking because I never feel like I can keep the six feet of distance. This is not helped by Shmans’s tendency to kind of buzz people as they go by. Sometimes she just scoots past them, and sometimes she has sniffed people in a moment of weakness. Either […]

How Fast Is That Doggie In The Window? How Long Have We Been ON His Tail?

I’m pretty sure everything about what happened here can be explained by four words. Read on and see if you can guess which ones. ‘I wish I could make this up’ | Man teaching his dog how to drive leads cops on high-speed chase According to the Washington State Patrol, Alberto Tito Alejandro, 51, of […]