Have A Giant Holiday Wrap-Up

Holy crap, it’s 2018. I feel like these holidays snuck up on us, then jumped on us, and now I’m still in disbelief that they’re over. In a small sense, they’re not quite over because I haven’t seen the nephews on my side of the family and we might see them this weekend, but everything […]

Boom Cookies

I wish I could have tried this with Trix. I’ll remember this next time I have a dog who freaks at thunder and fireworks, or if Shmans ever develops the fear. I don’t know who wrote this originally, I stole it off another friend’s Facebook. “Boom Cookies” or “how to teach a dog to not […]

I Remember The Time My Service Dog Chased A Cat, Let The Memory Never Live Again!

When I think of all the concerts, plays and things I have gone to with Trix and Tans over the years, I am very thankful that neither of them has ever taken it into their heads to chase down one of the characters, like happened in this story. A dog ran amok at Andrew Lloyd […]

Service Dog Etiquette Explained In A Simple Analogy

Here comes another quick post. I saw this link going around Facebook, and after I finished laughing at it, I meant to post it here, but I didn’t. Someone who has a service dog for an invisible disability wrote this post trying to make it clear what would be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour towards service […]