I’ll Be Home For Christmas? Not Even In My Dreams?

We’re 7 months into this pandemic and it’s still influencing my dreams. Here are the latest ones I’ve had that involve our new normal. Apparently I’m sure that I’m going to forget something very important. I had one dream where I absentmindedly walked into a store without having a mask on and was immediately mobbed […]

You Can’t Read In Your Dreams Even Though I Swear I Have And Other Interesting Dream Facts

I just got an email from Rachel, who came across the post from a few years ago about how everybody but me dreams that their teeth are falling out. She sent along this article, and if you’re interested in dreams at all it’s definitely worth a look. 30 Interesting Facts About Dreams (Backed Up By […]

Ya Fix Sixteen Faults, And What do Ya Get, One Eye Implant And A Life Full Of Debt…

I had a really weird dream Tuesday night and felt it needed a place in the totally out there dream archive. I think my brain decided it was time to brew up a thought soup, and this was the result. It started off with me watching a TV show about this girl who was graduating […]