I’m Lynn Beyak, And I Approved This Message. Wait, No I Didn’t. My Mistake

God, don’t you just hate it when you accidentally claim to live in a town and country you don’t live in and write down the incorrect occupation on a form and then wind up donating to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in violation of American campaign finance laws? That’s what happened to Senator Lynn Beyak who, […]

How Do You Almost Make The Presidential Debate Watchable?

You add Weird Al and autotune, that’s how. I watched maybe five minutes of that “shitshow” on Tuesday night and the one question I had was who do I want to punch in the face more, everyone on that stage for being just the most insufferable childish assholes or me for not making better use […]

Robocalls Are Telling People To Vote Tomorrow Rather Than Today. Don’t Do That

Hopefully anyone who needs to see this will see it in time. As I type your polls should still be open no matter where you live, so go vote if you haven’t. Robocalls tell voters to head to the polls a day late Misleading robocalls reported in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Elections Canada […]

Stephen Woodworth Is Not An MP, No Matter What His Signs Want You To Believe

Allow me to answer Luisa D’Amato’s question. Some say Stephen Woodworth shouldn’t write ‘Re-elect’ on his signs Everyone wants to talk about Stephen Woodworth’s election signs. Don’t we have better things to discuss, Luisa D’Amato asks. Do we have better things to discuss? Yes. A lot of things are more important in the grand scheme […]

Leave It To The Bloc Québécois To Get Us Stoked For A Federal Election

It doesn’t exactly sport a whole lot of words, but the Bloc Québécois’ campaign song will at least get you pumped up for something unlike that garbage Conservative one. If somebody wanted to tell me it was blaring in a war room, I might even believe him.

A Horrible Choice With A Song To Match

Behold the federal Conservative party’s official campaign song. Awful, isn’t it? And I’m not just saying that because it’s a Conservative song and I’m not a Conservative voter. It really is bad. You hire Jim Vallance, who helped Bryan Adams write some of his most famous and well loved works, and this is what you […]