How Do You Say Is Ear Of Owner On Special Tonight In Chinese

Customers and employees argue over restaurant food all the time, but rarely does one incident lead to three 911 calls. Deputies say 24-year-old Jade Anderson walked ito the restaurant complaining about her order. She was complaining to the owners, who are also the victims in the assault. Due to a language barrier, the victim’s son […]

Assault And Vinegar

What goes better with dip than chips? A South Carolina man turned violent in a dispute over salt-and-vinegar potato chips, authorities said. Ryan Dean Langdale, 19, had warned his 17-year-old cousin not to eat his chips, but when his relative did, Langdale shot him, authorities said Wednesday. “Do not touch my chips, or I’ll shoot you,” […]

He’s An Easy Temper

Not sure who comes off looking worse here, honestly. Off-duty McDonald’s employee Phillip Bailey for chucking a smoothie at a 91-year-old man during a stupid drive thru argument, or Johnnie Douglas, the 91-year-old man in question, for reacting to the yogurt-based assault by returning fire with an actual gun. The Indiana McDonald’s altercation that later […]

I Thought The French Were Supposed To Have Good Taste In Food

I’ve said it before, and though judging from this ridiculousness it may be one of my more unpopular opinions, I’ll say it again. Nutella is bad. But here people in France are, fighting over the stuff like it’s Black Friday or something. Brawls have broken out in French supermarkets as shoppers scramble to get their […]

A Cell Would Be A Fine Place For These Selwoods

Now, there’s a family whose parties were probably anything but fun. most of them ended up in jail for Christmas. Meet the Selwood family. We have a guy who doesn’t mind stabbing a buddy for asking him to share his steak dinner, and also doesn’t mind stomping on other people’s heads, among his 17 convictions. […]