Sausage And Spice And All That’s Not Nice

Imagine you’re sleeping. Suddenly you wake up and someone is rubbing spices on you and hitting your buddy with a sausage. Both the spices and the sausage came from your own kitchen. What the fuck. Then the guy runs out in only a shirt, boxer shorts and socks. You discover some money is mmissing, but […]

Well Who You Callin’ Moon Pie, My Real Name Is Michael…

That’s a new one. Is it good enough to belong in the oompa loompas/Egypt-obsessed stranglers/drunken stuffed dog-screwers/teddy-bear plant stand shrines files? I’m not sure, but it’s weird. Picture this old guy in a convenience store buying some stuff. As he leaves, he gets ker smucked in the shoulder by a random yellow bag. It happens […]