Rogers And Others Are Trying To Make This Coronavirus Stuff A Little Easier ON Us

Rogers offering free TV channels, global roaming and more in response to COVID-19 Toronto-based national carrier Rogers has implemented a number of measures and free services to help its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Rogers and its brands are waiving long distance voice calling fees across Canada from now until April 30th. This applies to […]

We Have Reached The Point Where We Need Put Your Damn Phone Down Coaches. I Am So Sad

I was fixin’ to get really mad about this when I saw the headline, but I just can’t get there. Believe me I wanted to, but then I did a little math. Kids born in the late 90s or at the turn of the century are old enough to have kids of their own now, […]

Look At This Stupid Ass Video About What’s Supposed To Be A Smart Light Bulb

Not that any of you were curious or anything, but all you need to know about why no house of mine will ever have smart light bulbs as long as the choice is mine to make can be found right here. Yes, that really is a three minute video about how to factory reset a […]

FlickType Is No Longer A Subscription App

Pretty sure I’m supposed to see this as a positive, but whenever a service I rely on decides to forgo a consistent source of revenue designed to fund continuing development in favour of something that on the surface appears much less lucrative and much more unpredictable, my reaction generally ranges from skeptical to nervous. That’s […]

Humanwash, An Automatic Shower Scrubber For People Who Have Trouble Doing It Themselves

Badly written linked article aside, I like this idea a lot. I know quite a few people who would probably really appreciate having access to something like it. Man creates ‘human car wash’ shower tool that will wash body for you Watch the latest video at The innovative machine, dubbed the “Humanwash,”┬áis installed with […]