FlickType Is No Longer A Subscription App

Pretty sure I’m supposed to see this as a positive, but whenever a service I rely on decides to forgo a consistent source of revenue designed to fund continuing development in favour of something that on the surface appears much less lucrative and much more unpredictable, my reaction generally ranges from skeptical to nervous. That’s […]

Humanwash, An Automatic Shower Scrubber For People Who Have Trouble Doing It Themselves

Badly written linked article aside, I like this idea a lot. I know quite a few people who would probably really appreciate having access to something like it. Man creates ‘human car wash’ shower tool that will wash body for you Watch the latest video at foxnews.com The innovative machine, dubbed the “Humanwash,” is installed with […]

When Did It Become Such A Chore Not To Call 911 With Your Arse?

OPP detachment gets almost 2,000 accidental 911 calls, urges people to stop butt-dialling Officers had to respond to 1,965 accidental calls due to carelessness with phones, police say Clearly this is a thing that happens because just look at those numbers, but I can’t figure out how. I got my first cell phone in the […]

I’m Glad Facial Recognition Is The Future Of Security, Because It Sure Doesn’t Look Like The Present

Boing Boing notes this tweet. So, I was wondering why the battery on my laptop was running down every time I left it at home.Turns out the kids have been using my election leaflets to get through the facial recognition lock…I’m not sure whether to be proud by the wit or concerned by the sneakiness? […]