The Slow Death Of Data Overage Charges Is Finally Upon Us

It’s not completely poof bye bye see ya gone as of right now, but considering what Rogers has just announced, it seems fairly safe to start bidding one of the biggest scams going a long farewell. The company has unveiled three new wireless data options that it’s calling Infinite. They come in 10, 20 and […]

If You Were Mindful For A Moment, You Would Never Buy This

I don’t know if these Moment Pebble people have created the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, because I’ve been around a long time and have seen my share of things both stupid and otherwise and it’s hard to rank them all at this point. But what I do know is that they’ve absolutely given […]

Walking Around With My Head In The Clouds

Is this really something worth celebrating? Human brains could be connected to the internet in ‘next few decades,’ scientists predict I like thinking. I like not knowing everything and having to figure things out for myself, even if sometimes all that means is Googling a few pages deep. I like discovering things by accident. I […]

Have A Listen To This Genderless Voice Designed For Digital Assistants

I was pretty skeptical as I read about this supposedly genderless voice. Surely it would have to lean one way or another. But I think maybe they’ve actually done it. Gun to my head I say it’s a woman, but I’m not going to argue with anyone who says I’m wrong. The developers started out […]

Today In Not Freaking Happening: Bring The Phone To Bed With You For Customized Sexy Time Music

I’ve been off the sex market for a very long time. But let me assure you that if I weren’t and if one day I happened to find myself with someone and the conversation went something like “Ok, before we do this I’m just going to set the phone on the bed,” that person is […]

You Can Now Get Help From Google’s Disability Support Team Directly Through Be My Eyes

It took a while, but another company has finally joined Microsoft as part of Be My Eyes’ Specialized Help feature. Hey, Google. We’re pleased to announce that Google is the newest company onboard the Specialized Help platform! Specialized Help enables blind and low-vision users to connect directly with company representatives through a live video connection. […]