I Bring This Stuff Everywhere. You Can Never Be Too Careful With So Many Thieves Around

Rare is the day when I actively hope that a person is homeless, but today is that day. Because if this woman wasn’t, what was she thinki…never mind. I really ought to know better than this by now. A 23-year-old Guelph woman has been charged after police say she brought several bags of stolen property […]

Don’t Mess With Me. These Lungs Are Lethal Weapons

Coughing on people and objects is so much the new thing nowadays that it’s hardly worth posting every instance of it. But this one I’m putting up because it’s particularly dumb. This doofus, who the Guelph Police Service has not named here, got himself a probation violation for randomly coughing on a couple of people […]

If It Wasn’t For The Need To Distance, They Could Switch To Vans

This is logical, yet strange sounding. I wonder if other cities are going to start doing the same thing. Guelph Transit limits number of people on a bus at one time Only 10 people allowed on a bus at any one time starting Thursday, March 26 Guelph Transit has implemented new changes in the wake […]

Stop Buying All The Damn Toilet Paper, You Animals

What is this, diarrhea Black Friday? From fist fights to stealing off carts, toilet paper frenzy hits Guelph Lineups form long before Guelph Costco opened and 1,000 packs of toilet paper were gone in 15 minutes “Good morning and don’t kill us.” And with those words, manager Armando Gumbs opened the doors of the Guelph Costco […]