To Serve and Protect and The People’s Court All On One Bus!

Today I had the weirdest bus ride. I got on a pretty quiet bus and it started to drive. It stopped to pick someone up and he got on the bus and showed his transfer. The driver said thanks and the guy walked away. The driver caught his attention and asked him to please either […]

All I Know Is That I Don’t Know Nothin’

Sometimes I really hate democracy. Well ok, not democracy itself, but the responsibilities that come along with the rights that it affords all of us. I’ve never been someone who could head out to my local polling station each election day and absentmindedly mark an X for a candidate who’s name I don’t recognize and […]

Don’t Ask Me Where That Is, I Just Drive By It Every Day

Ok, where are these bus drivers’ heads? I get on the bus, but because I’m running behind schedule, I decide to instead of coming into the main place where the buses stop at the university, I’d go to a stop near where I was going since I heard that there was one. So I ask […]

The Angry Blind Man’s 6 O’clock News Recap

I’m going to try something that I’ve never tried before because I need to take my mind off of a few things and making fun of people I’ve never met before and venting my anger on them seems like a good way to accomplish that. So with the snappy little introduction complete with reasoning out […]