Help With Suicide-Prevention By Commiting Legal Suicide

Wow. This is nuts. I know people are sue-happy, but now the waivers are swinging over to the other extreme. I wanted to go out and participate in The Walk, an event that’s supposed to raise money for the local Distress Centre, and other suicide-prevention initiatives. I guess, since walking involves physical exercise as well […]

The English Language Was Also Killed

Hello, Guelph Mercury? Are you there? Yes, I’m talking to you. Is everybody there who knows what they’re doing on a long vacation, or does nobody give a shit anymore? I ask because I’m curious as to how garbage likethis makes it through your editing process, if you still have one that is. I’ll forgive […]

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others…

One of these things just doesn’t belong. Four Guelph organizations have been awarded grants totalling about $290,000 to promote health and community involvement. The Ontario Trillium Foundation, a government agency, Tuesday announced grants to the following groups: Family Counselling and Support Services for Guelph-Wellington: $108,100 to improve services for child victims of sexual abuse. Volunteer […]

Serving Our Community, One Voice Track At A Time

All the snow we’ve been getting and our building’s power transformer blowing up the other night got me thinking again about how much commercial radio sucks these days. That might sound strange, but hear me out. When something disruptive happens, something like…let’s say a snow storm or a power outage, what’s one of the first […]

Commuting Is Better Than It Ever Was, I’m Taking It Easy, When I Take The Bus?

Sorry, I don’t agree. After having to commute by bus for a week while I had a temporary job, I don’t think so. I kept hearing that old jingle for Ottawa’s transit system in my head every morning and thinking that if they picked it up for Guelph, I’d have to shoot someone. Commuting is […]