What In The Actual Hell Is Going ON In Guelph These Days?

Brampton man accused of exposing himself in public sauna Two boys under the age of 18 were present at the time Police called about a man masturbating in front of hospital The male is described as approximately 45-55 years old, about 5’6” tall, Man found masturbating in toy section Police attended to the store and […]

I, For One, Cannot Wait To Get The Day Started! Oh, And Where In The World Is Dave Hannah?

September 28th, 2019 Update: I’m not sure how long he’s been there or how permanent he is, but I just heard Dave Hannah on 99.5 KFUN in Kitchener. Carin Texted me from a cab saying she heard somebody that sounded like him on the radio, so I tuned in and sure enough, there he was. […]

There Was A Prof Named Edward Heddican, Teaching Cheques He Will Not Get Again,, Acted Up And They Suspended Him, Career of Edward Heddican Is At An End

Just in case you don’t get the reference. I know this happened the week before last. I wanted to write about it last weekend but I ran out of time. The story goes that University of Guelph professor Edward Hedican was filling in for another prof, and got irritated with a student. Obviously I didn’t […]

A Real Uber Driver Will Never Try To Negotiate A Price Or Ask You for Cash

Normally when one of us writes about a scam, we’re doing it because we want to either laugh at an incompetent one or at the people who fall for an obvious one. But right now I’m going to be completely serious because I know that even as popular as it is, there are a lot […]

Happy National Your Jumpy Ass Just Got Popped For Drugs Day

Dear Nameless Criminal: Next time the police see you holding a popcorn maker box and playfully wish you a happy National Popcorn Day, try playing it cool. Chances are it would work out much better than the alternative. A man was spotted beside the street holding a popcorn maker box by officers on patrol.  They […]

So Colin Westman Suddenly Cares About Impaired Driving For Some Reason. That’s Nice, I Guess

Looking at Twitter this morning, I kept seeing the headline “In drunk-driving flood, judge criticizes society for promoting alcohol.” At first, I didn’t pay it much mind. Judges rail against things all the time and while it can sometimes be entertaining and they’re often not wrong, there are better ways to spend my reading energy […]

Help Wendy Fuller Recover From An Eviction That Should Never Have Been Allowed To Happen

This woman is a friend of some friends of ours. It’s sad to see systems that are supposed to be helping give people a hand up fail the very people who are trying to take that hand. If you can help out by sharing, donating or both, I know it would be appreciated. They’re looking […]