The Guelph Public Library’s Free Internet Access Is Safe…For Now

In April, I wrote about the trouble the Guelph Public Library was about to have thanks to the Harper government cutting the funding that makes free internet access there possible. Today, there’s an update on the fundraising effort that Cam Guthrie launched to help save it. According to the story, funding for 2013 has been […]

Moving? If Hiring A Mover, Avoid Metropolitan Movers And Shuttle Moving North York

So yeah…about that Metro Movers mowdown we keep promising. Here it comes. Hope you like long stories…ah who am I kidding? You must like ’em, you keep coming back here, don’t ya? So you’re probably wondering why the heck we hired movers anyway. Well, for a combination of reasons. Most of the people we would […]

Come Say Hi To Carin At The Teddy Bear Picnic Today!

If you’ve ever wanted to meet Carin, you know, the smart, charming, likeable and good looking half of us, today’s the day! From 1 to 4 this afternoon, she’ll be at the annual Teddy Bear Picnic representing the Guelph Barrier Free Committees. She’ll be Brailling things, reading stories and heaven only knows what else. she’ll […]

The Guelph Transit Routes Post, Now With Guelph Central Station and UC Hub Goodness

Hi. It’s me, ya know, the silent one? Back in May when we did our audio blitz, I promised that I would put up a description of the bus platforms and what bus pulls into them. I said I would have it done by the end of the weekend. Um, yeah, about that. Finally, last […]

Hey Ladies, Wanna See My Rockwood?

It seems there’s another indecent exposure enthusiast on the loose in the Guelph area. NO, it’s not me, assholes! So since it would be nice if the police catch this creep and because there’s rarely a bad time for another wooded area joke, here’s the story. The incidents have taken place at the Rockwood Conservation […]

Blind People Want To Know: Where Did The We Count Our Steps Thing Come From

Dear Sighted World: It’s me, a blind fellow. My blind girlfriend and I would like you to answer a question for us, if it’s not too much trouble. This idea that all blind people count every step we take as one of the primary ways of knowing where we are at all times…where did that […]