Free Internet Access At Libraries: Just Another Thing The Conservatives Don’t Think We Need

Wow. Score another one for the fabulous federal government we’ve been saddled with. I don’t use the internet access at the library because I don’t need it, but I’ve always been glad to know I can if ever I do. But the Harper Government, in its whatever the opposite of infinite wisdom is, has decided […]

More On The Right And Wrong Of Robocalls

I can’t say that this comes as much of a surprise. The Guelph Mercury has reported that Marty Burke has filed a complaint with Elections Canada over the robocalls made by Frank Valeriote around the same time as somebody was blatantly misleading the public. Commissioner of Canada Elections                                                                                                                                                                        c/oElections Canada                                                                                           Dear Commissioner,  I wish […]

Not All Robocalls Are Created Equal, So Let’s Stick To The Important Ones

I almost wrote this on Friday, but I wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind. I did however take a bit of a strip off of Guelph provincial Conservative candidate Greg Schirk and strongly thought about tearing a similar one off of city councillor Cam Guthrie over Twitter because of it. The issue at […]

A Word Or 6 On Fixing Computers, And Happy Birthday Carin!

I’m not a hardcore tech support guy, but enough people look in my direction when bad things happen to perfectly good computers to make this seem like a worthwhile article. 5 Things You Should Know Before Trying to Fix Your Computer. There is much great advice to be found here, but sadly most of it […]

Get On The Right Bus, Gus, Make A Route Plan, Stan

This information has been updated to reflect the September 2 2012 changes. Second update: I think I fixed all my gaps, errors and booboos. Am working on figuring out where the community bus fits into this mish mash o goodness. Also. Guelph Transit said they’ll be putting up a text version of the bus layout […]

Thought Explosions About #SpikeMobileCCC and other things.

Here comes another monster o thoughts. While I’m doing the laundry, I might as well write a blog post. This whole being out of town part time thing has taught me that I suck at time-management. I was always able to get by since I had lots of flexibility to get stuff done. I didn’t […]

I Won the Right to Save Some Bills, I Saw Some Bills And Quickly Try To Save My Radio Sanity

Just a couple of small things I forgot to mention/didn’t know I’d be mentioning while I was brain dumping away yesterday. The WWE pay-per-view prediction contest I’ve mentioned here and there is over. And in an act completely uncharacteristic of me, I won! I managed to keep the 2 point lead I had going into […]

A Few Words On Guelph Transit’s Ridiculousness

Excuse me for a second while I rant about Guelph Transit. Yes, again. Listen, guys. I understand that you have a tough job. Pleasing everybody in a city of 100 some thousand people many of whom have different wishes, wants and needs cannot be an easy task. I’ll even be up front and admit that […]