I Think Maybe This Guy Took Chemical, You Know.

At long last, here’s another wacky story from my brother. I’ve been meaning to write this down since the day it happened a couple weeks ago. I was walking home from the bakery one day. It was a real nice day, warm and sunny. I wasn’t really paying attention to much, just listening to the […]

Apologies, Elections, Wrestling And A Crazy Cake Lady. What More Could You Ask For?

Sorry it’s been such a slow week around here. Between Carin getting ready to go on her trip, me having some truly horrible nights of sleep and I think fighting off some kind of cold, and Matt being away at a gay bathhouse convention, the poor Comet has kind of been getting neglected. I’ve been […]

Emergency Rooms, Open Your Doors, There’s An Imbecile Coming In!

Here’s another one from my brother the baker. It’s always nice to know that my lack of faith in humanity isn’t unfounded. Unless your some relation to the Pillsbury Doughboy, you shouldn’t try this. Yesterday, I was slicing bread out in the front of the store when some woman came in. I’d say she was […]

It’s Bud The Spud From The …Big Deep Freeze?

Brad sent me this and it cracks me up. And I can vouch for how great those potatoes are, they’re…something. Maybe not something you would want to ingest, but they are indeed something. Take it away, Brad! You know how there are some vegetables, like beans, that you can boil for a couple minutes and […]