The Dumbest Smart Laundry System Ever

Ten years ago, I wrote this frustrating rundown of trying to refill my laundry card. That was 10 years ago! And the sad thing is very little has changed. We have made some improvements, but the system still has some pretty big flaws in it, and the flaws are brain-snappingly stupid. Back in November, for […]

🎶Talk Lots On Zoom This Wintertime…🎶

Since the sensible among us are doing our Christmas virtually, and lots of people love Zoom, they’re being cool and lifting the time restrictions on free accounts for certain days during the holidays. Here’s exactly when Zoom will be removing the 40-minute limit: 10AM ET Thursday, December 17th, to 6AM ET Saturday, December 19th, for […]

Why Can’t You Gift Patreon Time To A Friend?

Seriously, it’s like the most bleeding obvious thing. But here I am, thinking about what I might want to give and receive for Christmas this year, and the ability to subscribe someone else to something they would want through only like the biggest subscription platform in the world isn’t a thing I can do. And […]