Even When You’re Isolated You’re Still Out In The World, Councillor Hot Mic

Update: If you don’t feel like watching or skimming five hours of meeting for 30 seconds of action, you can watch just the fun part here. So remember the olden days of a few months ago when we all had to do things like deal with people in person and we, at least the functional […]

Netflix Is About To Nuke Your Account If You Haven’t Been Using It

I have no idea who has Netflix and isn’t watching it right now, but if you happen to fall into that group or know someone who might, this seems like a thing you’re going to want to know. In a very uncommon move by a subscription-based service, Netflix announced Thursday that it will begin canceling […]

I’m Not Usually One To Argue That Too Much Choice Is Bad, But…

Fragmented Streaming Landscape Keeps Piracy Relevant, Research Suggests I could have told them this for free, had they asked. It should be obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense. The streaming services are great, but the entire concept suffers from the same issue that made everyone hate their cable companies. A good streaming […]

Live In KW And Want Groceries Delivered To You Sometime This Century? Central Fresh Market Is Your Friend

Selfishly I’m a little worried about posting this for fear of messing up the speed aspect of it, but sharing is caring and we could all use a little caring, especially these days. Until a few weeks ago, online grocery delivery was one of those luxury convenience things. A nice to have, but not a […]

SiriusXM Is Free Until May 15th If you’re Not Already Paying For It

This is a pretty cool thing that SiriusXM is doing, but I may not take advantage of it. I know if I get myself hooked on it I’m going to want to pay for it. I realize that’s kind of the point, but I ought not make myself want to spend money on more things […]

Rogers And Others Are Trying To Make This Coronavirus Stuff A Little Easier ON Us

Rogers offering free TV channels, global roaming and more in response to COVID-19 Toronto-based national carrier Rogers has implemented a number of measures and free services to help its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Rogers and its brands are waiving long distance voice calling fees across Canada from now until April 30th. This applies to […]