I’ll Be Home As Soon As I Finish Cooking Up A Story About Why I’m Not Home Yet, Honey

I’m a pretty lucky guy. If I want to stay out late with my friends, Carin is either with us anyway or asks nothing more of me than to please try not to wake her up whenever I decide to come home. The idea that I’d have to fake a debt-related kidnapping in order to […]

Do You Want That In Real Money Or Should I Make It As Fake As Those Criminals?

“Hello mom? Yeah, it’s Zac. I need a little help. Some drug dealers kidnapped me see, and they say they’re gonna kill me if I don’t come up with $200. Could you pleasepleaseplease………What do you mean not this shit again, son? Is that a no?” Police in Knox County, Tennessee, say 25-year-old Zachery Lodgson texted […]

She Won’t Do The Dishes At Home? Well, She’s Doing Them Here.

Here’s another valuable lesson. If you’re going to be dumb enough to dine and dash, don’t leave your 12-year-old daughter behind. Also, don’t then call the sheriff’s department and claim that your daughter was kidnapped. That would have been a strange meal. Melissa Ashley Graham and her daughter sit down to dinner, and Graham orders […]

Never Smile, Or Piss, At A Crocodile

Oh my. We’re so getting a fake kidnapping tag. It’s happening. Today, it’s happening. I’m sure the first story this unknown man told about battling men who abducted him, getting shot, and getting thrown to ferocious crocodiles in Mexico was a hell of a lot more cool-sounding than what really happened which was…he drunkenly pissed […]

Did He Get The Injuries After the Police Found Out He Was Wasting Their Time?

Here comes another fake kidnapping. I’m really starting to consider creating a tag for tracking these. This unnamed guy from Cambridge made up a story about being attacked outside Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill, where he was knocked unconscious, thrown into a car, later to be dropped off in Woodstock where he discovered his wallet […]

I Don’t Know What The Grades Were, But this Last Act Was A Fail

Here comes another fake kidnapping. this one was an 11-year-old boy trying to get out of telling mom and pop about bad grades. He said that some random guy grabbed him and said he was going to take him somewhere and kill him. But he got away…and happened to grab his band instrument, but not […]

Are There A Lot Of Kidnappings In Spain Or Is This Guy Just An Idiot?

Woman “kidnaps” son four times for ransom MADRID (Reuters) – A Spanish woman staged fake kidnappings of her son four times and got his father to pay her more than a million euros ($1.26 million) in ransom money, newspaper El Mundo reported Friday. Police in the southern Spanish city of Seville arrested the woman and […]