Can We Just Build A Wall Around America And Be Done With It?

I know people don’t much like the word in this context anymore, but this is retarded. Completely and utterly fucking retarded. So retarded that actual retarded people would look at the person who would make a decision like it and say “what are you, retarded?” A federal judge has struck down Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s […]

What Kind Of Justice System Threatens To Tape Shut The Mouth Of Someone So Articulate?

Meet Alan McCarty Jr., calm, levelheaded defendant. I don’t want to alarm you, but at the time this video was shot he was on trial for threatening a judge. I know. It seems impossible. Apparently all of this started over a child custody case, one that McCarty was a little confused about, if you can […]

You Not Deserving A Ticket Doesn’t Mean That Nobody Else Does

Civil Liberties group seeks amnesty for bylaw tickets issued during COVID-19 I agree with their argument up to a point. When they say that we can’t police our way out of a pandemic, they’re not wrong. At least not entirely. What they should be saying is that we shouldn’t be trying to zero tolerance our […]

Hickory Dickory Dock. I’m Watching You Bone With My Clock

I’m all about privacy rights and curbing police overreach, but this doesn’t sit right with me at all. Police had no right to seize hidden bedside camera from Airbnb condo, judge says Owner argued police breached his rights by entering apartment, seizing camera without warrant The gist of the story is basically what the headline […]

We Lost A Court Case? What Do You Mean? I Don’t See Any Court Case Here

Who could have possibly seen this coming? The Ford government is trying to use the new powers it buried in the budget bill to dismiss at least eight lawsuits against it, including ones that it’s losing or has already lost. Tell us about the case of Adam Capay. This is a former inmate who was held […]

Today In Just Plead Guilty, Dude

David Antonison was recently found guilty of attempted murder and a few other charges for unloading some bullets from a .44 into the home of neighbours Bruce and Joyce Coghill during a dispute over the location of some dog crap. Why we needed a trial though I’m not really sure, because this, apparently, was the […]

On The Bright Side, You’ll Be Able To Watch Your Career Go Down The Toilet

New Jersey man found camera taped to urinal at his company’s office, suit says The employee who found the camera claims that after he reported the incident anonymously, the company retaliated against him. A few quick observations here. Gross. If the discovery of the camera happened the way Jason Savage says it did, David Swerdloff […]