This Is The Nicest Thing Someone Has Said About Us In A While

I didn’t know they made comment spam like this anymore. I have no idea how it made it through the filter, but I’m almost glad it did. It has me weirdly nostalgic for the old days. Hi there, performed everyone read it two times ?? Made use of to accomplish! I was actually searching for […]

Now Batting

When my 14-year-old son, Patrick, stepped up to the plate during a Colt League baseball game, the young announcer declared, “Now batting, the right fielder, number 12, Pathogen!” After some confusion in the stands, the announcer came back on over the loudspeaker. “Sorry folks, that’s PAT Hogan!”

No One Should Ever Vote For Doug Ford Again, Said Doug Ford

Doug Ford Furious At Doug Ford For Cutting Funding To Long-Term Care Homes Toronto – After the Canadian military’s report on the state of long-term care homes was released, Doug Ford has stated how disappointed and angry he is over Doug Ford’s health care cuts that led to the homes being in this state. After […]

Bunch Of Yahoos

Wonders never cease. Doug Ford is out here insulting protesters and I agree with him. Ontario Premier Doug Ford slammed a group of people protesting coronavirus-related restrictions outside Queen’s Park on Saturday, calling them a “bunch of yahoos.” Dozens of protesters gathered outside of the legislature demanding an easing of restrictions that officials have implemented […]