They Hired Me To Deliver Things. They Said Nothing About Leaving Them There

This is definitely one of the dumber thefts I’ve seen in a while. So what if I had to show ID to get in and who cares if there’s quite obviously a camera attached to this house? I’m taking this package. Just try to stop me. Surveillance cameras captured a delivery driver taking an Amazon […]

Get The Door. It’s A Robbery! Get The Door. It’s A Robbery!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. An unintentional simultaneous robbery. The clip, shot inside the takeaway restaurant in Rotterdam, Netherlands, shows employees winding down to close the shop after a long day when an armed man bursts through the door. Demanding a lone worker return to the office and retrieve cash, he clearly […]

Hope I Can cut This Lock Before They Lock Me Up

You know, I could really use a new bike. But man, they sure are pricey. Maybe I’d be better off stealing one. Like that one over there by the police station. It looks nice. Bike Theft Suspect arrested for attempting to steal a bike…From the PD!!!! SGT Okerman arrested the suspect after confronting him with […]

Save Money, Deliver Yourself To The Police Station

These stories almost aren’t weird anymore, but since I’m not sure we’re quite there yet… After police confronted him because it seemed an awful lot like he was about to leave a Walmart without paying for $125 worth of stuff that he had stashed in a backpack, 24-year-old Jeremy Roberts proved them right, taking off […]

Thanks For The Ride. What Did You Say You Did For A Living? Uh-oh…

For all of the careful planning that can sometimes go into them, prison escapes themselves are necessarily a pretty rushed act. So although you almost can’t fault Allen Lewis for the way his turned out, he’s still worth pointing and laughing at because come on, man. Allen Lewis, 31, had run away when being moved […]

The Chinese May One Day Own Us All, But They Don’t Yet Have Their Writing ON Our Money, American Counterfeiter Lady

Despite the objection from the person with this fake 💴, we took it and provided a lesson. 1) American 💵 has more than one serial number. 2) American 💴 isn’t written in Chinese. 3) American 💵 doesn’t have pink writing. You’re welcome! 🤷‍♂️👎. DL — Des Moines Police, WA (@DesMoinesPolice) October 3, 2018 Is […]

Social Security, Maximum Security, What’s The Difference

I didn’t think it was possible, but I do believe I’ve found something even dumber than having your own name tattooed on yourself whilst being a criminal. That something? Having your Social Security number tattooed on yourself whilst being a criminal. At least with your name, there’s a chance the police might be thrown off […]