Let’s Go Down The Robbery Checklist

Hold-up note? Check.Hood? Check.Glasses? Check.Gloves so I won’t leave prints? Check.Bag for the money?Uh-oh! NEW HUDSON, Mich. (AP) – A bank teller apparently flustered a would-be bank robber – and foiled a robbery – after asking where the suspect’s bag was to carry off the money, authorities said. Oakland County Sheriff’s Detective Tom Bisio said […]

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye!

All I can manage to say when I look at this story is Hahahahahahahahahahah! Looks like someone needs to brush up on his skill with a weapon. This sounds like something out of the cartoons where the villains are incompetent baffoons and end up hurting each other instead of their intended victim. I especially keep […]

Death Sentence? Murder? What’s the Difference.

With some criminals, you can understand why they ended up in jail. They’re dumb. Bryan Connelly was one of these. He got convicted of forgery. Not long before he was to be paroled, he just couldn’t stand the fact that he got convicted, I guess, so wanted to kill those responsible for putting him behind […]

Ok, I Think I’ve Just Officially Heard It All

Thisis one of the most ridiculous explanations I’ve heard for anything in the entire history of ever. A Rochester man who said his poor eyesight caused him to molest his girlfriend’s prepubescent daughter was ordered to prison today. Monroe County Court Judge Frank P. Geraci Jr. sentenced Eric Kennedy, 38, to 12 years behind bars […]