Odd Combination Of Things Number 4

Before we get started, here’s a quick update/correction. Thestory in Things Number 3about the drunk who said a unicorn was driving his car when he had his accidentturns outnot to be quite accurate.There was no unicorn, just misunderstood slang that came out of communications from the prosecutor’s office. Apparently anybody who has a stupid excuse […]

Odd Combination Of Things Number 3

Sorry for not having this posted sooner, but between seeing a friend I don’t see much, setting up my new computer, going away to see family, seeing something that made me profoundly upset [possible post to come on that one], running around getting a bunch of things done so I don’t have to think about […]

Something Tells Me This One’s Not a Career Criminal

Do I really need to say anything? Taken from the Guelph Mercury. Criminal calls police for help breaking into church STEVENS POINT, WIS. (Mar 7, 2007) If only all criminals were this helpful. A 24-year-old man called police to tell them he was trying to break into a church but he wasn’t having much luck. […]

Hey! Buddy! You do have the Right to Remain Silent, you know!

Um wow. Just when you don’t think you can possibly hear of someone being more stupid, you read this story. I can no longer write. I’m still laughing. A Monroe man allegedly was amazed when told his estranged wife’s boyfriend survived a Nov. 30 knife attack, Snohomish County prosecutors said Thursday. “What? I thought I […]

I Have No Idea What To Call This Post

Happy Monday to everybody. I hope you’re all having a good day, and I hope you’re keeping cool if it’s hot where you are. It’s hot here, that I know for sure. Canadian weather is just fucking weird, there’s no other way to describe it. A few days ago we were treated to some beautiful […]

Live From Arkansas, It’s…An Idiot Going To Jail!

Attempting to rob somebody isn’t a great idea at the best of times, but when the person you’re attempting to rob happens to be a television host who is live on the air, it’s even worse. Believe it or not, that’sexactly what happenedin the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas last week. At first, Gary Spirito […]

Why Stealing Is Wrong, And Why Tobacco Might Not Be

A 26-year-old man’s first mistake was allegedly stealing a tractor-trailer rig that had been left unattended with the engine running, police say. His second blunder was mistaking the truck driver’s tobacco-spit cup for something refreshing, and taking a swig. The tale of alleged instant justice had its roots earlier Monday, the report said, when the […]