What’s The Matter? I Thought You Guys Loved Cuts

‘It goes way overboard’: Ford calls OPP on protesters who brought guillotine to Queen’s Park I had to say the obvious thing in the title, but now I need to have a word with whomever did this and anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to do some similar thing in the future. […]

Let’s Fix Security By Breaking It. That’ll Show ‘Em

Maybe PluginVulnerabilities.com runs a great service. I don’t know. But I also don’t care, because chances are solid that I’m never going to use it. Why? Well, because irresponsibly endangering the entire internet as a form of protest is an extremely dumb, unprofessional thing to do even if some of your gripes might be legitimate. […]

You Shouldn’t Kill Animals! Let Me Do It Instead!

I’m about as far from vegan as it gets, but if you’re not, great. I’m also not one who tends to engage in public forms of protest all that often, but if you do, great. Everyone should do what they want to do and be what they want to be. But for the love of […]

I’m Donald Trump…Or Am I

I’m giving this one a soundtrack because we need to get it in before it’s too late to be topical. Tempting as it may be, there are more productive ways of voicing your displeasure with Donald Trump and his supporters than showing up at one of his rallies and vandalizing the cars there with peanut […]

The NRA May Or May Not Want Me And My Fellow Blindlings To Carry Guns, Because The NRA Is Ridiculous

Being one, I strongly believe that 99 times out of 100, blind people are much more competent in just about every aspect of life than the general public gives us credit for. Every day, blind people all over the world are completing tasks ranging from the mundane to the insane unhurt and without incident. But […]