How Do You Almost Make The Presidential Debate Watchable?

You add Weird Al and autotune, that’s how. I watched maybe five minutes of that “shitshow” on Tuesday night and the one question I had was who do I want to punch in the face more, everyone on that stage for being just the most insufferable childish assholes or me for not making better use […]

Not All Medicine Is Star Trek Medicine

I’ve been thinking a bit more about Carin’s post. She’s totally right. I pretty much only watch Star Trek when other people make me, but I’ve seen more than enough to get how hilarious it is. But there’s at least one drug that doesn’t come straight out of some alien world. Skyrizi. Maybe I’m the […]

Take Me Home, Country Roads, The Electric Toothbrush Edition

Take Me Home, Country Roads played by five electric toothbrushes and two electric typewriters. The John Denver toothbrush also drives on his RC car. Googly eyes on the road! It’s been a whole year since you first requested this John Denver song. But I decided to wait until the right time of the year to […]