How Fast Is That Doggie In The Window? How Long Have We Been ON His Tail?

I’m pretty sure everything about what happened here can be explained by four words. Read on and see if you can guess which ones. ‘I wish I could make this up’ | Man teaching his dog how to drive leads cops on high-speed chase According to the Washington State Patrol, Alberto Tito Alejandro, 51, of […]

Good Luck Coughing Up All That Bail Money

I don’t really believe in hell, but if the mental health evaluation that Margaret Cirko was sent for after this shit doesn’t find something she can be helped with, I hope there’s a special place there for her if I’m wrong. The 35-year-old has been charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors after she claimed to […]

If It Wasn’t For The Need To Distance, They Could Switch To Vans

This is logical, yet strange sounding. I wonder if other cities are going to start doing the same thing. Guelph Transit limits number of people on a bus at one time Only 10 people allowed on a bus at any one time starting Thursday, March 26 Guelph Transit has implemented new changes in the wake […]

Religious Michiganders Allowed To Give Each Other Coronavirus

Should be interesting to see how the good lord handles this one. Will he side with the people he created or with the fast moving, highly lethal virus he created? Will he split it somewhere around the middle to keep up his reputation for working in mysterious ways? To find out, keep an eye on […]

Calling 911 Will Not Get You Toilet Paper Any Faster Than The Rest Of Us Are Getting It

Of course people are calling 911 asking for toilet paper. Why wouldn’t they be? Christ, we’re so dumb sometimes. Please heed the words of the poor folks down at the Newport, Oregon police department, you fools. It’s hard to believe that we even have to post this. Do not call 9-1-1 just because you ran […]

Updated: Zehrs And Shoppers Drug Mart Will Have Dedicated Shopping Times For People AT Higher Risk Of Catching Coronavirus

Update 4: Add FreshCo and Food Basics to the list. Both stores say the special shopping hour will be available at many of their locations. FreshCo seems to have already started based on the one closest to where we live, and Food Basics will be starting on the morning of March 23rd. As always, call […]