There’s A Whitewater Rapids Joke In Here Somewhere

Another dude has been caught slipping his baby mayo into the drink of an unsuspecting woman, but this time it’s not because he was trying to win her affection. Robert Tyson, 63, was found guilty last year of twice doing the deed to the water mug of a coworker he was having issues with. He […]

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned. You’re Grounded, Son

Yes, I know how it’s pronounced. But a fella named Jesus smashed up a church and you honestly think I’m not posting that? Police charged Jesus Jose Arellano with injury to real property. Officers said they found Arellano in the Oakdale Cemetary, which is across the street from Grace Moravian Church, on Tuesday. The Tiffany […]

21 Seconds

Like a lot of people, I cringed watching this the first time. that 21 seconds of silence felt like an eternity. Why can’t he just mention Trump, I thought to myself. Just do it, you coward! But in the end, I’m glad he didn’t. If we know two things about Trump, they are that he’s […]