I’d Like To Report A Robbery. Someone Has Stolen My Good Sense

I’m trying to figure out exactly what Rachel Thornburg thought was going to happen here. Was the idea that police would give up on chasing her after a certain point, she would abandon the car someplace and then pick it up later once the heat had hopefully died down? I suppose that’s not the stupidest […]

Before You Accuse Me, Take A Look At Yourself

To be a leader for all Canadians, the Conservative Party leader should now end his lifelong boycott of Pride events and explain whether he would still deny same-sex couples the right to marry, as he said in Parliament. pic.twitter.com/5WEyja6Ov5 — Ralph Goodale (@RalphGoodale) August 22, 2019 On the face of it, I have no problem […]

Government For The People I Do Business With

Yes, this looks pretty fishy. But let’s be fair. Who among us hasn’t taken a meeting with the one member of a hospital board that just happens to have done millions of dollars worth of business with our family’s company without the knowledge of the hospital and then taken two tries for our spokespeople to […]

Government For The Hide And Seek Loving People

Ford’s senior officials hoped to keep mandate letters away from public view ‘as long as possible’ CBC News plans to continue fight for marching orders to ministers as Ontario looks to keep them secret There aren’t many good reasons for fighting so hard to keep these out of everyone’s hands, but I’ve come up with […]

Ladies And Gentlemen, Noted Man Of His Word, Doug Ford

Doug Ford, less than a week ago. Ontario’s court challenge of the federal carbon tax could be dropped if Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives lose the Oct. 21 federal election, says Premier Doug Ford. A Liberal victory by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or another party that supports the carbon tax would put Ontario’s case in a different […]

But If Only Part Of Me Hits You, How Can You Sue All Of Me?

Not that you should need one, but here’s another reason to avoid getting yourself hit by a train. If part of your silly ass ends up injuring someone nearby, your estate might end up having to pay for it. Ruling in what it called a “tragically bizarre” case, an appeals court found that the estate […]

Next Stop, No

LILLEY: Metrolinx to sell naming rights for railway stations, waiting areas, parking lots I’ve always found the selling of naming rights to be a little barfie because it leads to dumb sounding shit like Guaranteed Rate Field, the 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre and the KFC Yum! Center that are embarrassing to type or say out loud and […]